Associates in Comprehensive Counseling

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The Associates in Comprehensive Counseling is an affiliation of independent practitioners who facilitate restoration and healing for individuals, couples and families. 

Our services are by appointment only.  The length of the appointment varies on the basis of services provided   Individual therapy is generally scheduled for 50 minutes, known as the “clinical hour”.  Since the appointment is reserved for you, it is necessary to charge for appointments that are not canceled 24 hours in advance, unless this is occasioned by circumstances that we both define as an emergency.  Failure to provide 24-hour cancellation typically means that another person is unable to use that allotted time.  Individual therapists’ hours vary during the following offices hours:
Monday – Thursday, 8-8; Friday, 8-5; Saturday 8-4. 

Therapists seldom accept phone calls while with clients.  Messages may be left on voice mail, and we will attempt to return calls as soon as possible.

The charges for our services are based on the customary and reasonable fee profile for professional services in our area.  Charges for a clinical session also include our time on your behalf, including record keeping and preparation.  Each therapist sets their own fees and we encourage you to discuss fees at any time, and to pay for services when provided.  We request that your check for payment be made out in advance so that the time may be spent attending to your concerns.  You will be asked to read and sign a “Financial Policy Statement” at the time of your initial appointment. 

Most therapists will provide a dual receipt for each session to enable you to file your mental health claim; this receipt will contain the required codes for your reimbursement.  Clients may call their insurance company prior to their initial session to determine mental health and out of network benefits.   Typically, mental health inquiries are to a separate number listed on the reverse of your insurance card. 

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